Frequently Asked Questions
What's Earnd all about?
We're a technology company which gives you access to your earned but unpaid income on-demand.

We're here to change the way pay is thought about in Australia and support the 1 in 2 Aussies who live paycheck-to-paycheck.
How do I join Earnd?
We've partnered with incredible employers across the country who offer Earnd to their employees. If you also want access to your income on-demand, get in touch at and we’ll arrange with your employer to get you started!
What are the tax implications of Earnd?
Earnd provides you with access to your net-after-tax pay. Whilst every individual’s circumstances differ, since Earnd only relates to after-tax pay, there should be no tax implications from using Earnd.
How does Earnd affect my income?
Earnd does not affect your income level. Earnd simply removes the reliance on a particular payday and allows you to access up to 50% of your earned net income before pay day - if you wish.
Getting Started
How do I get started?
Getting started is as simple as downloading our app from the Google Play or App Store and following the sign-up flow to register as an Earner.
My employer can't be found?
If your employer has partnered with Earnd and you’re struggling to find them, double check that your personal details are entered correctly and in their legal form – this is how we verify you with your employer. If you’re still struggling, reach out to us at
I’m being asked for additional ID verification. Why do I need to provide this?
Our user’s security is our highest priority. To ensure you are who you say you are, we require ID verification. In some cases, we may need additional information such as a passport or driver’s license for this verification.
Is Earnd safe to use?
Yes. Earnd uses bank-level encryption technology to ensure our users data is protected - it's our top priority.
Earnd Pay
Can I receive my full paycheck through Earnd?
You'll be able to access up to a maximum of 50% of your accrued income through Earnd.
Why is the amount I can withdraw limited?
We limit the amount you can withdraw to ensure we’re supporting responsible spending.
How long does it take to get my Earnd income?
For the majority of our users, your Earnd pay will hit your account instantly! For the remainder, please allow the usual 1-2 business days for funds to hit your account. Earnd utilises the government’s New Payments Platform so to find out how quickly you’ll receive your earned pay, search for your financial institution here.
How does Earnd get repaid?
Earnd integrates with payroll and withdrawals are deducted automatically from your paycheck before it is paid to you.
How does Earnd make money?
We work with your employer to offer you a financial wellness benefit. Your employer will completely subsidise the cost of Earnd for you - no transaction fees, interest or late charges. We are here to help you avoid debt and feel more financially secure.
How does Earnd Pay appear on my bank statement?
Earnd withdrawals will appear on your bank statement with the reference, ‘Earnd Pay!’.
How does Earnd appear on my payslip?
Earnd will appear as a normal deduction with its own deduction code named ‘Earnd’.