We're here to fight financial stress
Our approach
We believe financial stability is a fundamental right.
Yet 1 in 2 Australians live paycheck to paycheck and 1 in 3 can’t access $500 in an emergency.
Our mission is to empower every Australian with the tools required to reach financial freedom.
A financial system with a heart
To get there, we’re building a financial system with a social consciousness. By offering practical tools that make it easy to make ends meet, save money and self educate, our goal is to provide every Australian with the financial stability they need to live a free life.
Stronger together
We depend on employment for our livelihood and in turn, our employers depend on us for our work. Employers want to fight the #1 concern in the workplace - financial stress. By working with employers, we’re able to keep our tools affordable and accessible for users and our business transparent. 

We only make money when we truly improve peoples’ financial situations.
Awesome app!
This app has saved my life way too many times. It is such a great way to make sure you always on time with bills and if you have something unexpected come up - it takes the stress away. I honestly believe every business should use this app as a feature.
- Jake from Glue, App Store
My daughter lost her textbook before her exam and I didn't have any funds in my account. Earnd early pay just allowed me to buy it for her. Honestly so thankful!!
- shanJev2
Astounded this exists
This app is an absolute godsend. I’m able to withdraw my pay early with minimal fees. Honestly suprised this exists and the lack of employers offering it.
- Benny
Great app
Marvellous app, love using it!
- benjsness
Financial freedom
No employers have before ever given the option of financial freedom to their employees, earnd allows this. The relatively small costs can be considered as cost of convenience.
- armano100
Say hello to the future of pay
Empower your team with practical tools to manage unexpected
expenses, proactively save, and learn personal finance skills.
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